How to Research Your Target Real Estate Investment Market

Thoroughly researching the target real estate market that you wish to invest in is such an obvious and simple first step to people who have real estate market experience, however sadly it is not properly undertaken by many investors and first home buyers and can be their downfall. It is my experience that real estate investment is, all things considered, an easier investment option than buying shares or other such investments and provides more consistent long term returns on your initial capital.Keep in mind however that you must pay close attention to changing market and global economic trends or you could end up in trouble. You must also be in it for the long haul, unless you have the financial capacity to develop, renovate or flip houses!Before you even consider approaching a real estate agent with an offer to purchase either a residential or commercial property you should have identified and studied the market trends in your target market. This includes ringing around the local real estate agents asking numerous questions from a variety of perspectives to make sure you get the full picture.For instance, a sales agent is interested in the commission they will receive and will be more than willing to point out all of the selling points of the property or particular suburbs in order to close the sale. On the other hand, if you make similar enquiries of a rental agent, they are more likely to inform you of the rental demand, expected rental income, area specific landlord obligations and the suburbs and areas which are offer the most consistent investment returns. You should also enquire as to your obligations as a landlord, and what services they can offer, in the event you intend to tenant the property immediately.If you are considering purchasing commercial property you should also apply this enquiry tactic with all real estate agents, brokers and insurers to ensure that you will get the best real estate deals and the best value financial protection on your investment. It is a good idea to be very specific with the lenders about the particular property when seeking advice as some areas may be subject to flooding, heritage listing or other restrictions which make them more of an insurance liability. Commercial real estate may be a higher risk investment option but if you do your research well, you should be able to determine which commercial properties are most in demand and consistently tenanted within your target market.The most consistent real estate markets in terms of market value and rental returns, at least when it comes to residential investment property, seem to be those located within close proximity to beaches and tourist areas and which are also easily accessible by public transport. It is also a very smart decision to ensure that there are schools or hospitals nearby, as this will also increase the demand and rental value of your property.You can decide for yourself whether to follow the mantra of buying the worst house in the best street. This to be a decision which should be made relevant to each person’s particular circumstances and the particular real estate property you are considering.

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